What Is BikeStormz All About?

WELCOME to bikestormz london bringing kids from all over the UK together whilst breaking social barriers for community’s, especially within London boroughs and surrounding areas.


Bikestormz started just over 3 years ago as a major ride out which consist of cyclist from all over the UK age mainly ranging from as young as 9 – 25 but not limited to as we have riders up to 35+ years old that participate. Within those years we have managed to produce 4 successful riders with no trouble whatsoever

The BikeStormz idea was founded by the likes of ‘MAC’ also Known on social media as ‘Write Off World’ who is a well respected role model for the youth of today investing a lot of his time into the youth community in and around London and has a strong influence on those who follow his journey.

He teamed up with a few other major influential individuals in the bikelife scene who go by the names of ‘Jake100’ & ‘Don Trappy’ as well as ourselves ‘BikeLife TV’, between us all we all played a major roll to make Bikestormz what it is today!


Bikestormz was started because we could see a major connection between kids not only wanting to ride there bikes, but the amount of time and effort they was prepared to put into becoming better riders performing numerous kinds of wheelies and stunts for hours upon hours, daily! We

believe opening projects and workshops relating to this would be a great way to find a way to keep kids occupied and entertained which will also help keep them from straying into other things which could lead to negative outcomes and it cost absolutely nothing other than to own a bike. MAC wanted to see how many kids we could pull together to ride along side one and other just to have fun and display there passion and talents which is how the idea of Bikestormz predominantly came about.

One of our main aims is to break down social barriers so kids can feel comfortable no matter which area they go to and what type of people they are around they will feel safe as long as they are on a bike and part of the movement.

The ride starts from a London location and powers all the way through central London an then finally ending at a designated destination where lots of bike games, competitions and give aways take place.

To date pulling wheelies in public has been frowned upon however we aim to eventually be able to turn this into a recognised sport of some kind and take this to a whole new level because the stunts these kids are doing takes a lot of skill and practice. Skin gets grazed, bones are broken in the process so it would be nice to know that there skills and efforts could be acknowledged with the chance of being rewarded at the end of it all.

We have hopes and plans of creating academy’s of some sort where the kids are actually able to learn and train more in order to take this to a higher level with hopes of becoming nationally recognised and even paid from such talents, taking part in major competitions, working there way up the score boards whilst becoming great at something they love and share a passion for!

We want bikestormz to eventually be the major event that everyone has been practising for months, even years to eventually compete and be judged by top judges and cheered on by large crowds for the number One spot at BikeStormz‼️

This year we have managed to take it even further by getting an authorised venue to end the ride out and begin the extra fun, there will be attractions such as special guest appearances, special guest artists performing, bike trick competitions, major prize giveaways, the chance to get scouted by major companies, a state of the art bmxtrack to ride around, aswell as food drinks and other popular merchandise will be on sale.


Whilst the BikeLife scene is rapidly growing we have also become aware that separately the rate of knife crime and number of stabbings and young lives being lost to knifes are also growing tremendously. bikelife is all about unity and people coming together from all different backgrounds and cultures to indulge in something they love together, We want to inspire change through the love of bikes so this years bikestormz will carry a strong message…

Bikes up, Knifes down!!
This will be the biggest bikestormz to date! As well as being a fun day out full of exercise and excitement it’s all for a good cause, atleast 40% percent of all profits will go towards making more biking projects for young people available








What Is BikeStormz All About?