If you have been paying close attention you’ll realise that Sunday is usually a chilled day! not saying anything has changed drastically but it’s something I’m trying to keep as a routine. I always end up over doing my weekends and end up under my work later! so guys if I’m not out with you lot or at the strips but you see me out. Just know that I’m either tired and looking to have a relaxed one with no stress or its work related!

But I will always be out trying to elevate as much as possible­čĺ»

This weekend was pretty mad! Saturday was soon damn hot and I’m glad some of the boys decided to come out and witness the early summer vibes!

Saturday was pretty calm. With the usual ignorant drivers, and irritated Londoners we still managed to get in some valuable riding time, that and we met a new rider that day.

Oh yh we ate at a Chinese buffet lol

Sunday Funday

Sunday had many motives, but it’s been 3 weeks since I absorbed the north London strip vibes, so I had to meet up with afew of the West London riders, and head up to North to check out the north London hitterz burning up the strip!

I do enjoy the Sundays purely because most the boys are off hence why I managed to catch up with J on his R1 BIG BANG, Jamz and even Don Patchy!

Shoutout to all the boys on pedals too, met a squad that rode up from West and that is a trek, and that’s also mad dedication­čĺ»­čĹŐ

Blake – Xt
Matthew – Ling Ling
Eddie – Ybr
Arman -Wr
Jo – R125
Jamz – Kettem
J – Xr125
J – R1 Raptor
Maucho – Piaggio Vesla
Izzy – sumo
Clumsy – sumo

Weekly special spot light Shoutout:


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