Right if your going off road, beware that the Internet will put you in areas that you are not suppose to be in! Double check the os grid maps and check your laws prior to any adventures!

Also please wear gear when riding. It’s a hassle but it’s there to protect should you come off! As I mentioned I’m either wearing double layers or leathers, and body armour!


This was meant to be a mobbing day! We mobbed for alittle with Aaron and his lot. But they was on a mad one to KKs which neither me not Henry wanted so we rerouted to Maucho to meet him and whosdat!


Right before you head into London any day or season but especially summer and the weekend check for local happenings! Why because you might end up trapped in a gay pride rally with no access through West end! I got stuck in this mob for over an hour!

We then set out off to deep East London for our usual urban enduro exploring!

After so we headed to Ferry Lane which is across the river deep south east to meet some new and old riders.

Little did we know Fetty Wap was there which was sooo random!!! LOL


We have eliminated Belvedere strip from our list of must visits, 1 it’s sooo damn far! 2 it’s never as active as Brimsdown and we could never have a day like this day where we wasted soo much time fuel for nothing!

Anyways it’s always a mad weekend with my mud life hittas that is of course @xt_enry @Mauchooo

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