POLICE CAUGHT US – PRE Halloween Ride Out

As some of us narrowly escaped, a few of us got caught by the police. NONE OF OUR BIKES WERE STOLEN AS I STATE AT THE START OF THE VIDEO – NONE OF OUR PLATES WERE MISSING OR COVERED UP AS THE OFFICER SAYS – SEE FOR YOURSELF ——————————————————————————— This is footage from my humble mate not that didn’t get away from the cops. We just want to ride and can’t be asked to pull over for cops to waste our time. Then again, I understand why they must do this. I’ve had 3 bikes nicked, a police stop could potentially retrieve a stolen bike. So I don’t blame em. Anyway.. Check out the other Episodes that occurred later this night! PART 1 – https://youtu.be/eRuOU89MFvs “TRAPPED BY FEDS” PART 2 – https://youtu.be/P3o8AgDZfGc “WE DUCKED FEDS” EDIT – https://youtu.be/h5tYB2cSunI “LONDON/ESSEX SHUTDOWN”