LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE if you haven’t already! Apologies for poor audio! What an epic ride! Yes, indeed our bike life family is world wide! Watch as Ghana’s main bike life team hit the country’s capital, Accra, stunting on the highway. What an experience, the public watched in amazement whilst cheering on the squad. It’s crazy being in a complete different country, one has never been before, stepping out of my comfort zone to embrace bike life in a whole other continent. After being picked up by @rihmeek_dc and his team, I didn’t know what to expect. After a few moments I felt like I was among the bike life family in London, in other words I felt right at home. Be sure to follow the riders on Instagram: @rihmeek_dc @samuekofi @kingbalastunts @muftahu_da_bikerstar Follow me @WH05DAT (zero five) Equipment: Canon 700D/Rebel T5i Canon 17-55mm f/ 2.8 IS Lense Takstar SGC-598 (only use in controlled environments! Lol)