Moped Gangs of London: UK Bikelife REPO team members

Britain’s Most Wanted Motorbike Gangs takes us inside a new underground phenomena involved in the “Bike Life” scene, where young riders performing stunts on motorbikes on public roads. The bikers say that they trying to survive and its only about money. The police say that they are dangerous criminals and are reacting by deploying increased resources to shut down the scene and lock up the most notorious riders. Our cameras follow the riders from North West London up to South London as they play a game of cat and mouse with the police, and say that they’ll never stop riding even though they run the risk of arrest, injury and even death. Police stats in 2017 showed that around 1,500 mopeds or motorcycles are stolen in London every month. Aside from mobile phones, many of the attacks involve the criminals hijacking others scooters. The poor security of these vehicles, coupled with their ability to easily mount curbs, is thought to be behind the surge in robberies. Experts, such as former Metropolitan Police chief inspector Peter Kirkham, also believe budget cuts to cops have contributed to a rise in violent crimes in the city. SUBSCRIBE to our channel to get the latest videos straight to your homepage:… FACEBOOK: For inquiries visit our website or see email list below: Music videos Documentaries Films Interviews Talk shows Freestyles For enquiries visit our website or see email list below: Acting Enquiries – Advertising Enquiries – Video Production – Upload your video to our YouTube Channel – If you have a story and want to share it with the world contact v4yavmedia on the email listed below. For more info on the project visit: