Bikelife | We Almost Got Caught | MrBizness

I forgot to explain in the video that when the turn was made, the guy in front of me stalled out and it caused the scooter to bump into him. Which caused my camera turn hit the off switch on the scooter. Want To Donate?!? Send Donations To Paypal Address: Hit the SHARE BUTTON one time for me and hit that subscribe button. Follow on IG Intro Song Artist… Stop by to purchase merchandise. MrBizness – FULL BIKELIFE PLAYLIST –… MrBizness RAW FOOTAGE –… MrBizness BIKELIFE TALK –… MrBizness BIKELIFE COMPILATION –… MrBizness REACTIONS –… MrBizness VLOG STYLE –… MrBizness MUSIC VIDEOS – #Vlog