Welcome to BikeLife.TV! Bringing you the most extreme, wild, talented, funny and insane Bike Life and bike orientated media from all around the world right to your screens.

BikeLife.TV is a bike based platform formed in the UK, specialising in broadcasting Bike Life activities from around the globe. The aim is to provide a platform to riders and give them the exposure and recognition they deserve, whilst breaking down social barriers and building bonds all through the love of bikes!

BikeLife.TV ensures the inclusion of the lifestyle and tricks from all forms of bikes; superbikes, dirtbikes, quad bikes and peddle bikes. In this day and age, new forms of biking apparatus are constantly being developed, and BikeLife.TV make an effort to cover them all!

BikeLife.TV has been put together by BikeLifeTV UK – a group of riders who have one thing in common – the love of everything bike related. If there is a bike meet, they’re there. If a client needs a particular bike / biker to be sourced, they’re there and if connections need to be made, they’re there! They have hosted various bike meets as well as other events aimed at the wider community. They have also established partnerships with a number of bike customisation organisations, and have even gone so far as releasing their own clothing line; you can’t go very far without seeing someone wearing a BikeLifeTV hat, hoody or shirt!

BikeLifeTV UK continue to smash down the doors of social confines and obtain global recognition, and now with the launch of the website, they can only continue to do so. From recent work with the South London Press newspaper and London based charity Brixton Soup Kitchen, to the support from the New York based ASAP Mob, the heart of Bike Life remains with BikeLifeTV UK. They have carried out a lot of work with and for riders all over the UK, and will continue to do everything within their power to push the biking scene, and create opportunities for talented and committed riders.

The impact that the BikeLifeTV UK riders have had on the UK music industry is undeniable. Working with artists such as Krept and Konan and Nines, as well as Paigey Cakey and Tinchy Stryder to name a few, BikeLifeTV UK riders make up a large percentage of riders in the majority of the music videos you enjoy!

Having been recognised by the likes of Yamaha, Red Bull and Ace Corner (the number one rider meeting spot in the country), and their social networks having already attracted tens of thousands of followers, we have no doubts that their popularity will only continue to grow. Stay tuned for more cool videos, more ground breaking news and further establishment over the coming years!

Bike Life Forever!